Passion and Concern

Passion and Concern

     I am not a theologian. But I do find it important to read and study the Holy Scriptures to understand God’s perspective on life, life that He created. One thing I have learned is this: It is not “tolerance” to accept, promote or simply ignore immorality, and it is not “intolerance” to speak out against immorality. Speaking the truth in love represents a passion and concern for the eternal destiny of man. In examining the life of Jesus Christ, he always demonstrated tolerance and love for man, for the individual person. His whole earthly purpose was to walk the Calvary Road in order that individuals may be redeemed through faith in the loving work He accomplished on the Cross. But He also clearly spoke out on the exceeding immorality of immoral behavior throughout His life and ministry. His holiness and righteousness brought light to every circumstance and revealed man’s behavior for what it was and is.

In expressing these thoughts, I fully expect to hear the voices of opposition from the popular cultural scene. There will be one who accuses me of pushing my religious beliefs upon him or her. Not so!!! There may even be one who with shrillness uses the tired and overused accusation of homophobe. But make no mistake; they and all individuals are free to make the choices they desire. However, it is instructive to listen carefully to the objections raised. These voices of opposition demand tolerance for their behavior, no matter how immoral, and when failing to receive it, demonstrate intolerance for these other individuals. This is exactly opposite of the example given to us by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Every individual has freedom to choose his or her religious beliefs and behavior patterns. What is inescapable, however, is the ultimate and final accountability for those choices. It is that accountability which brings me back to the thought expressed above: speaking the truth in love represents a passion and concern for the eternal destiny of man. The Holy Scriptures confront each and every individual and reveals to us the truth of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. With love in His heart and light on His face, Christ is all love for each individual as expressed on Calvary’s Road and the Cross. It is our immoral behavior that makes Him weep.

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