Our Father

Our Father

“Our Father who is in heaven…”

Matthew 6:9

Have you ever taken the time to read carefully this first line of “The Lord’s Prayer”? Reflect on the verb tense……”who is…”! This is the present tense!! For the Christian, how glorious and marvelous is this? My Father is involved presently in my life and cares presently about all that is touching me, whether spiritually, emotionally, mentally or physically.

But what individual, in reality, can refer to God as “our Father” or “my Father”? We can only call God “our Father” when we have allowed Him to change our innermost nature through faith in Christ. Adam’s nature, sinful in totality, is replaced by God’s nature, completely holy and righteous, again through faith in Christ. Then, and only then, does God truly become “our Father”. That step of faith in Christ results in God welcoming us into His house because, as the owner of the house, He has adopted us into His family!

But how does this truth play out in my every day life? How does “our Father who is in heaven….” impact my life moment by moment? I have much to say on this issue or topic and will be sharing more “thoughts of a business man” through the coming days in articles titled “Committed or Complacent?”

In the meantime, grasp and meditate on the truth of our Father who is…………!!

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